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Welcome to Rosewood Engineering

Rosewood Engineering have for over 20 years supplied specialist engineering teams to install and maintain sewage treatment equipment throughout the UK.

Our teams are fully equipped and trained to undertake work on a wide range of equipment. We however specialize in inlet screens and screenings handling equipment and have provided our services to a number of OEM's

We offer a genuine 24 hour, 7-days a week service.

Refurbishment of a Longwood Engineering Combiwash units at Farnham STW

Installation of Longwood Combiwash units and launder trough at Wanlip STW

Installation of Longwood Comiwash units and launder trough at Maidenhead STW

Pumping Station Installation at Barton STW

Filter Distributor Installation at Eastchurch STW

Screenings Handling and Launder Trough Installation at Esher STW